The National Behavioral Health Network (NBHN) values the work being done by our members to improve tobacco cessation & cancer control efforts for people with mental illnesses and addictions. NBHN is soliciting stories from the field highlighting the incredible work being done across the country related to tobacco and cancer control.

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A Shared Struggle with Tobacco Addiction

With her finger on the pulse of advocacy, practice improvement, and trends, Linda Rosenberg, CEO & President of the National Council for Behavioral Health, brings news from the field that you, or your work, can’t live without.

In Their Own Words: Wisconsin’s Roadmap for Becoming Tobacco Free

The Wisconsin Nicotine Treatment Integration Project (WiNTiP) has developed recommendations on how treatment facilities can become tobacco-free. This document provides mental health/substance use treatment programs and state governing bodies with a roadmap about specific elements and steps that collectively constitute a tobacco-free treatment setting. It emphasizes: 1) the importance of a tobacco-free healthy treatment setting; 2) the provision of evidence-based tobacco dependence treatment; and 3) the necessity of helping staff who have tobacco dependence to quit.