A day and a half summit designed to leverage and create new opportunities for tobacco control and behavioral health initiatives, policies, and interventions.

A selected group of industry leaders, influencers, and advocates were invited to collaborate and design an action plan for behavioral health and smoking cessation in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Tackling a high state smoking prevalence of 37.4% among the behavioral health population, the group discussed, debated and confirmed a target goal supplemented by strategies to decrease smoking rates and smoking-related morbidities.

With representation from the PA Department of Health, Department of Human Services, Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), pharmacy partners, and the VA to name a few, the amount of passion and dedication from the attendees was inspiring. From dialogue to execution, strategy committees were formed and objectives were established. Committees included provider and pharmacy education and training, social determinants of health and holistic approaches, payor, quitline, communications, substance use disorders, and state hospitals. Click here for a copy of the action plan.

This meeting was hosted by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Department of Health, and Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs, in partnership with The National Behavioral Health Network, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, & the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center.

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