Utilizing Peers in Tobacco Cessation Recovery: A Discussion

Original Air Date: May 22, 2023 @ 2 – 3pm ET

Peer support specialists are certified professionals who provide ongoing support to individuals with mental health and/or substance use (MH/SU) challenges from the perspective of their lived experiences. Integrating peer support specialists into an individual’s tobacco cessation journey can improve overall health outcomes and support recovery.

On Monday, May 22, 3-4 p.m. ET, join the National Behavioral Health Network for Tobacco and Cancer Control for Utilizing Peers in Tobacco Cessation Recovery: A Discussion, co-hosted with the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center – a National Center of Excellence for Tobacco-Free Recovery. This engaging panel discussion will feature thought leaders sharing their knowledge and expertise on peer support specialists’ roles in MH/SU treatment organizations’ tobacco cessation and treatment efforts.

Attendees will:

  • Understand the role of a peer support specialist.
  • Explore strategies to leverage peer support specialists in supporting an individual’s tobacco cessation journey.
  • Identify two ways MH/SU treatment organizations can utilize peer support specialists in their tobacco efforts.

Featured speakers:

  • Heath Hayes, Chief Communications Officer, Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.
  • Lonnetta Albright, President and Owner, Forward Movement Inc., Executive Director, John Maxwell Team.
  • Meghan Hetfield, Nationally Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist, Certified Addiction Recovery Coach, Certified Recovery Peer Advocate, Harm Reduction Works.

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