Tobacco Use Disorder can be effectively treated in a behavioral health setting and is considered a billable service by Medicare, Medicaid, and many commercial insurance carriers, depending on the licensure and scope of practice of the provider (for example, a psychologist vs a peer mentor). For the most part, the universe of diagnosis codes and procedures/service codes are the same for behavioral health providers as other providers offering tobacco use treatment (TUT). Likewise, the documentation requirements are the same for all types of providers. However, there are some important distinctions and nuances that behavioral health providers should consider to optimize the chance of successful billing. This addendum to The American Lung Association Billing Guide for Tobacco Screening and Cessation, strives to clarify those distinctions. It should be noted however, that there is no one approach that is universally accepted and followed by all healthcare systems and payers. If a bill is not paid, try using different codes and document what works with your health system’s contracted payers.


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