Taking Texas Tobacco Free (TTTF) is an initiative beginning in 2014 to assist 18 community behavioral health centers across Texas to adopt 100% tobacco-free campus policies and integrate tobacco use assessments and treatment services into their clinical operations.  This project was a result of a 3 year grant and partnership between MD Anderson, Rice University, the University of Houston, and Austin Travis County Integral Care.

Since September 2014, TTTF has:

  • Provided 226 face to face staff trainings to 4,696 employees
    • Increased tobacco education and treatment knowledge (pre/post-test measures):
      • Non-direct care/administrative staff (50% average increase)
      • Direct care clinical staff (52% average increase)
    • Coordinated Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist trainings for 43 center staff
    • Trained over 200 clinical providers on Motivational Interviewing
    • Coordinated specialized prescriber training for over 70 clinical providers
    • Based on the training, clinicians reported a significant increase in knowledge gain
    • Based on the training received, clinicians have changed their clinical practices

Since September 2014, 18 centers have:

  • Distributed 10,132 boxes of nicotine patches, gum and lozenges to consumers and staff
  • Conducted 70,614 tobacco use assessments


TTTF has had amazing results and are inspiring others to adopt their efforts; state coordinators in Wyoming and North Carolina are looking into modeling programs after TTTF’s structure.

Are you a behavioral health agency looking to go tobacco-free? Check out TTTF’s variety of resources and you too, can make the change:


To learn more about TTTF, visit their website or Facebook.


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