NBHN has more than 1,500 individual members representing addictions treatment providers, community mental health centers, hospitals, federally qualified health centers, community health centers, state governments, public health agencies, and more.

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As a NBHN member, you will have exclusive access to our member-only listserv, resources to support planning a state strategy session, a wide variety of training and technical assistance opportunities, and much more! For more information, contact us at BHtheChange@thenationalcouncil.org.

NBHN provides direct training and technical support to hundreds of community behavioral health organizations, public health organizations as well as a cadre of state, local and national stakeholders around enhancing their tobacco and cancer control efforts.

Webinars, Presentations, & Individualized Consultation

NBHN partners with cross-sector stakeholders to share promising practices and success stories of tobacco and cancer control via webinars and other virtual presentations. Past presentation topics have included tobacco-free policies, alternative approaches to tobacco cessation, implementing cancer screenings and prevention in behavioral health settings, maximizing coverage for tobacco cessation, among many others. NBHN also provides individualized consultation to public health and behavioral health organizations on ways to engage each other and collaboratively address tobacco and cancer control in individuals with behavioral health conditions.

Resource Dissemination & Information Sharing

The NBHN member-exclusive listserv acts as a platform to share the latest and greatest tobacco and cancer control resources, while also facilitating peer-to-peer sharing amongst NBHN members. Learn more about our resources on the latest research, programs and tools.

State Strategy Sessions

NBHN works to support states in convening stakeholders to discuss and compile evidence-based strategies and recommendations to eliminate tobacco use and cancer-related disparities impacting behavioral health populations.

Communities of Practice

NBHN Communities of Practice support community behavioral health organizations (CBHOs), as well as state and tribal agency teams from across the country, in enhancing tobacco and cancer control efforts for their clients and staff. CBHOs work with the National Council and organizational change experts to develop action plans, engage in ongoing affinity groups, coaching calls, and webinars to support the achievement of these actions plans, ultimately improving the health and wellness of those with behavioral health conditions.