Cancer, heart disease, asthma – these are just some of the risks from smoking that have become common knowledge and they’re all risks that show smoking can be deadly, but can smoking be a risk factor for suicide too? Various studies have shown a relationship, although still emerging in our understanding, between tobacco use and suicide risk including:

  • People with low nicotine dependence have lower odds of suicidal thoughts and attempts compared to people with high nicotine dependence 1
  • Being a regular smoker is associated with a higher risk of suicidal thoughts and attempts 1,4
  • Being highly nicotine dependent increases the odds of suicidal thoughts and attempts 1, 4

In addition to a higher risk of suicidal thoughts, studies have found some relationship between repeat attempts and smoking, such as:

  • Heavy smokers are significantly more likely to make repeated suicide attempts than non-smokers 4
  • People with previous nicotine dependence who had abstained in the past year are significantly less likely to have made a suicide attempt in the past year compared to those currently dependent on nicotine 2
  • Co-morbid mental disorder and lifetime nicotine dependence are significantly associated with suicide attempts compared to people without either disorder 2
  • $1 increase in tobacco tax was associated with 12.4% reduction in suicide rates among adults 18-65-years old 3

With emerging evidence pointing to a relationship between smoking and suicide risk -let’s start talking about it–we know talking about suicide can help! Below you will find a digest of available resources and information relating to suicide prevention to better help your patients and potentially save a life.

General Resources/ Information

Fact Sheets and Infographics


Research Articles

Additional Resources/Information

This resource digest will continue to be updated as resources are gathered so please keep checking back!

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