The American Lung Association recently released a tobacco cessation program specially designed for youth or individuals under the age of 21. The evidence-based program, Not On Tobacco® (N-O-T), is proven to address teen nicotine dependency and has an impressive success rate with approximately 90 percent of teens who participate in the program cutting back or quitting tobacco all together. Post program, Not On Tobacco® program youth also have been shown to have better grades, higher motivation, fewer absences, better relationships with teachers and fewer school tobacco use policy violations.

Both the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention in the Department of Justice and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in the Department of Health and Human Services named N-O-T a Model Program. N-O-T was also named a Research-Tested Intervention Program (RTIP) by the National Cancer Institute and received the CDC Award for Research Innovation.

How N-O-T Works

N-O-T is taught by a trained and certified adult in ten, 50-minute sessions. It is most effective in a small group format (6-10 participants) that emphasizes teamwork. The easy-to-use method helps teens quit by addressing total health in order to develop and maintain positive behaviors. Participants will talk about the importance of physical activity, nutrition, enhancing their sense of self-control, and improving life skills such as stress management, decision making, coping and interpersonal skills. Additionally, they will learn to identify their reasons for smoking or vaping, healthy alternatives to tobacco use and finding people who will support them in their efforts to quit.

After attending a seven-hour training, each facilitator is provided with a guide to deliver the structured curriculum in a school or community-based small group setting.

Session 1: Reasons for Quitting
Session 2: Why I Smoke/Vape
Session 3: Nicotine Addiction and Triggers
Session 4: Effects of Smoking/Vaping
Session 5: Physical, Psychological and Social Benefits of Quitting
Session 6: Quitting Nicotine Use
Session 7: Overcoming Obstacles to Quitting
Session 8: How to Deal with Stress
Session 9: Myths of Big Tobacco
Session 10: Staying Committed to Quitting

How to Start Your Own N-O-T Program

Adults or organizations who wish to facilitate N-O-T are invited to learn more about the American Lung Association’s youth cessation resources, which include:

  • An online on-demand facilitator training course
  • 3-year facilitator certification
  • Not On Tobacco® certification tracking, management and recognition which allows certified facilitators to deliver the program anywhere nationwide
  • Facilitator curriculum and participant workbook to print on demand
  • Access to American Lung Association’s INDEPTH alternative to suspension or citation program
  • Annual curriculum updates to ensure best practices in address emerging tobacco trends
  • Results of case studies and presented outcomes regarding evidence of program efficacy
  • Bi-Annual Nationwide Not On Tobacco® facilitator technical assistance webinars on emerging tobacco trends
  • Recertification training webinars for 3-year certification renewal


For more information on the N-O-T program, check out the following links:

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