The Tobacco Cessation Podcast, created by the American Lung Association (ALA), is a newly released platform designed to explore the latest initiatives, policies and systems changes that increase tobacco cessation and improve systems to help people quit smoking.

The second episode of this podcast features the National Behavioral Health Network’s Project Director, Taslim van Hattum, who joins ALA’s National Director of Lung Health Policy, Anne DiGulio to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and innovations regarding tobacco control, prevention and treatment in the behavioral health community.

Some highlights of the conversation include discussion on:

  • Health disparities faced by individuals with behavioral health conditions
  • The link between tobacco use, behavioral health and chronic disease
  • Being a part of the solution through the use of a holistic health approach
  • The role of public health systems, Medicaid,  and health care professionals in promoting tobacco cessation for people with behavioral health conditions
  • Integrating tailored tobacco cessation approaches

Tobacco Cessation Podcast:

This podcast explores new initiatives, guidelines and systems changes to increase tobacco cessation. There are currently two episodes available. They are available by either visiting ALA’s website or subscribing at Apple Podcast or Podbean. Be on the lookout for new episodes as they will be coming out periodically!

Currently, you can listen to the following:

  • Integrating Tobacco Cessation into Health Systems

The American Lung Association explores how one hospital system is integrating tobacco cessation into their workflow. Join us, as we interview Jill Doberstein of Essentia Health, who is implementing innovative changes to improve their patients’ quit attempts and help people quit smoking. Music attribution: “Creative Commons Hope” by Yakov Golman is licensed under CC BY 4.0Listen online »

  • Tobacco Cessation and Behavioral Health

Join the American Lung Association in a conversation with Taslim van Hattum, the Director, Practice Improvement at the National Council for Behavioral Health as we talk about tobacco cessation in the behavioral health community. Music attribution: “Creative Commons Hope” by Yakov Golman is licensed under CC BY 4.0Listen online»

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