Webinar Archive: “Tips and Tools for Transforming the Tobacco Conversation”

Original Air Date: Wed., February 24, 3:00p.m. ā€“ 4:00 p.m. ET

Presenters: Crystal Bruce, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention; Garrett Green, Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center

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We know that you are dedicated to helping the people you serve lead healthier lives and that helping them quit smoking is key to these efforts. Fortunately, tools and resources to support tobacco cessation are readily available. The CDCā€™s Tips from Former Smokers Campaign is a free tool that can help you support clients in quitting smoking for good. The newly-launched campaign features materials specifically for behavioral health providers and includes a story from Rebecca, a woman who smoked most of her life and who has depression.

This webinar discusses tools for tobacco transformation and how providers can utilize resources like the Tips from Former Smokers Campaign to support clients in quitting smoking.


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