Original Air Date: Tuesday, June 19 3-4:30pm EST


The National Behavioral Health Network, the American Lung Association and the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center co-hosted a webinar, Turning Challenges into Dollars: Addressing Tobacco Cessation Billing Challenges in your Organization on improving reimbursement for tobacco cessation services with state Medicaid programs.

Learning Objectives

After this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify challenges that exist in billing for smoking cessation and apply strategies to overcome them;
  2. Understand the processes for billing a state Medicaid program for smoking cessation billing, including the appropriate ICD-10 codes and the CPT codes; and
  3. Identify the contact person within your state agency who you can work with to resolve any state level barriers you are experiencing.

New to financing tobacco cessation? Start your journey by reading the National Behavioral Health Network’s blog Plant a SEED: Four Approaches to Grow Your Tobacco Cessation Services to get started. Once you’ve set the foundation, maximize your reimbursement by effectively billing Medicaid and join our webinar to learn how.

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