Dimensions: Tobacco Free Toolkit for Healthcare Providers

Priority Populations: Justice Involved

Our national expert partner’s at the University of Colorado Anschutz Behavioral Health and Wellness Program (BHWP) offer a comprehensive toolkit to address tobacco use in correctional facilities.

Individuals under correctional supervision experience higher rates of tobacco use and poorer health outcomes compared to the general population.  Serious mental illness is two to four times more prevalent in correctional facilities than in the general population and individuals with mental health and substance use challenges are two to three times as likely to smoke as those without these challenges. As a result, justice involved smokers with mental health challenges are at multiplicative risk for smoking and smoking-related health disparities.

The following toolkit explores the relationship between mental health, tobacco use and justice-involved individuals and offers evidence-based assessment, prevention, and treatment strategies to support tobacco cessation in correctional settings.


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