Prescription Smoking Cessation Medication and Spending, 2009-2019—published on March 28, 2022 by authors, Sandra L. Jackson, PhD, MPH; Stavros Tsipas, MA; Peter K. Yang, MPH; Matthew D. Ritchey, PT, DPT,  MPH; Fleetwood Loustalot, PhD, FNP; Gregory Wozniak, PhD; and Xu Wang, PhD, MScutilizes trends of seven U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved prescription medications for smoking cessation during 2009-2019 to understand fill counts and spending amount U.S. adults aged 18 or older. Their research found that total fills and spending decreased from 2009 to 2013 and then increased through 2019. According to earlier studies, implementation of federal requirements for insurance coverage of cessation medications and reduced cost sharing and financial barriers may have caused this as well as decreased patient spending throughout these periods.

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