Speakers: Rebecca Richey, LCSW, PsyD, Assistant Clinical Director, Behavioral Health & Wellness Program, School of Medicine University of Colorado, Denver and Donna Vallone, PhD, MPH, Senior Vice President, Research & Evaluation, Legacy

Description: More than 80% of adults smoke their first cigarette before they turn 18, and about 33% of young smokers will eventually die from a tobacco-related disease. Images of tobacco use are pervasive in mass media. For example, in 2010, one-third of movies marketed to young adults show tobacco use onscreen. As a result, tobacco control and prevention efforts targeted at youth and young adults needs to employ creative, youth-competent tools and strategies.

Get the latest data on this population to frame your case for integrating tobacco prevention efforts aimed at youth and young adult within your practice and learn tobacco prevention and cessation tips that work well in this population. Then learn how Legacy’s award winning truth® campaign — a national, evidence-based public education campaigned —enlists youth to eliminate tobacco use.

Takeaways to Expect:

  • Tobacco’s economic and health implications for youth and young adults
  • Tips and treatment modalities that work well in preventing and treating tobacco use among youth and young adults
  • The truth® campaign’s critical role in ending tobacco use among youth and young adults
  • Community behavioral health providers’ key role in providing cessation and wellness services for youth and young adults.

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