Based on their recent press release, the American


Lung Association’s 16th annual “State of Tobacco Control” report “shows that much more needs to be done by states and the federal government to reduce tobacco use.  According to the report both adult and youth smoking rates have declined nationally, but not everyone in America has benefited equally from this progress. Tobacco prevention and cessation efforts must be focused on states and populations with high rates of tobacco use.

The “State of Tobacco Control” report, released annually, grades state and federal government policies to prevent and reduce tobacco use. This year’s report shows that some key actions were taken at the federal and state levels to prevent and reduce tobacco use in 2017, but the grades earned demonstrate there remains a lot of room for improvement. In particular, much more must be done to implement proven policies that will reduce tobacco use among youth and vulnerable Americans who continue to be targeted by the tobacco industry.”


Download the full report. 


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